Custom Home Builder: Design Ideas for Your Kitchen

Your kitchen is quite possibly the most important room in your entire home. Many people rarely have large reunions at their home unless the event includes food. Consider Thanksgiving, Christmas, even Easter. All of these events include food. A beautiful kitchen makes your home feel more inviting to your company. Consider the following while you design your dream kitchen.


A popular new trend amongst appliances is black stainless steel. The former standard steel tends to leave fingerprints. These can become a hassle to continuously clean. Black stainless may be an option that would save you some frustration.
What style of refrigerator best suits your needs? French refrigerators are very practical. They have plenty of storage and keep even frozen treats within reach of children. These tend to be very convenient, which most home owners enjoy and are pleased with.


You should consider a floor plan with a large pantry. If the floor plan doesn’t include one, ask the home builder if it is possible to modify the plan’s design. It is not convenient to have too many cans stored away in your kitchen cabinets. A large pantry provides a more comfortable living experience for your entire family. If the pantry is large enough, you may even have outlets for a toaster, coffee maker, and standard countertop appliances. This will keep your kitchen looking neat and organized.


Technology is influencing every part of our lives; and your kitchen is no exception. Bluetooth connected appliances, automatic faucets, and many other tech savvy appliances will make your kitchen a more enjoyable room. One convenient new appliance is the convection oven. This oven acts as both a microwave and an oven. You can cook your hot pocket or a turkey with the same appliance. How great would that be?


White has historically been a great option for kitchens; but gray has become a very modern color selection. Rather than entirely going with gray, you could try distressing some of your cabinets with gray. You may consider selecting granite with gray or have gray flooring. If you want your kitchen to have a modern feel, your color scheme must incorporate modern color trends.

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