Bathroom Designing Ideas: Your Own Wow Factor!

Selecting a layout for your bathroom could be difficult. It is highly recommended to see something in person rather than rely solely on pictures and drawings. You may think a 6’ shower is wide enough, but until you step into one you will not be certain.

Don’t rely solely on a blueprint: take time to see a physical example. You bathroom should be stylish, practical for your needs, and space efficient. Please consider the following ideas.

The first thing to consider is who will be the primary people utilizing the bathroom. Bathrooms tend to take on an either masculine or feminine design. Black and gray often lean towards a masculine design if not balanced out with reds. Young girls often want to include pink tile decos.

Be careful not to select colors that your children may eventually outgrow. If you look forward to having natural light, a Jacuzzi allows for space above it to include a large window for your bathroom. Without a Jacuzzi, this selection is often no longer practical. For a married couple, two vanities with a separate enclosed toilet area is very beneficial.

This size and amenities of bathroom is also something you want to consider. For example, does a powder bathroom need a shower? If you will use a bathroom near a living area for guests, it is actually preferred for it not to have a shower.

Showers tend to be difficult to keep clean. When you have unexpected company arrive, it is preferred to not have to do a lengthy cleaning in your main traffic areas. A single sink is typically sufficient for all other bathrooms, other than the master.

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For resale purposes, it is recommended to only have one walk-in shower in master bathroom. Infants, toddlers, and babies need a bathtub. Growing children and teenagers prefer showers. A tub-surround offers the best of both worlds. It includes a tub and shower combo with ceramic tile in a personalized custom Home design.

Be careful what colors you select for tile. Painting a wall after a few years is common and cost-efficient. Replacing tile in a shower will easily cost several thousand dollars. Be careful when taking on such permanent decisions. Also, when tile is connecting make sure if flows well.

Many times it looks better to actually select one tile for the entire house. This is highly recommended when selecting carpet. When a house has different carpets in each bedroom, it seems as if it was remodeled later and lacks consistency to one theme.

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