Custom Home Builders: How To Choose The Right One For You

Choosing the correct builder is a vital decision. Chances are you will be paying on this property for next 30 years of your life. Yay! Seriously though, this decision has long term consequences. In this article we will be discussing things for you to consider while making this important decision.

The first thing I recommend is to see a home that your builder has built in person. Oftentimes the builder uses the same contractors and employees to work on each of their homes. With custom homes, builder’s often stick with a certain style that is evident in each of their homes. Seeing a house in person should give you a better idea of what you should expect. Each builder has a unique fingerprint that is demonstrated in there projects.

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Testimonials are essential. Ask previous customers what their experience was like with the builder. Positive past experience is an essential quality in choosing the right builder. Builders are creatures of habit. They typically build new projects in similar fashion to previous builds. If the builder tried to keep previous customer’s happy, most likely this habit is still in there dna.

Here are 2 good questions to investigate. Ask the builder how long the last house took for the builder to complete. It should be a house similar in size to what you are seeking. Also ask what the average customer spends in upgrades (overages). These questions will reveal what you should practically expect.

The experience of your Custom Home Builder is the most important quality you must ascertain. Aside from this; the company’s reputation and friendliness is vital. Keep in mind, you may be speaking to this builder on almost a daily basis for the next several months. Make sure you feel comfortable before signing on the dotted line. Go with your gut instinct.Don’t forget to keep a notebook with you when you talk to your potential builder. These conversations quickly become technical and complicated. It will be helpful to jot down the information. People normally forget that vast majority of technical information, if they don’t take notes.

To be a legitimate custom home builder, you should be offered plenty of options. There are many builders who claim to be custom, but in actuality are far from it. An example would be if the builder only offers 3 or 4 carpets to their customers. A home buyer should have at least a dozen carpets, granites countertops, and ceramic tiles to choose from. If the builder doesn’t offer this, you won’t be able to have your personalized touch in your new home.

When meeting with your custom home builder, do not be afraid to ask hard questions. There is a Spanish proverb that says, “Good communication, long friendships.” Don’t assume things that have not been addressed. Find out what your options will be. What is included in estimate and what specifically is considered an upgrade, and Available Homes and Lots

The custom builder should be able to point you in the right direction to get your new home financed. Keep in mind that a standard mortgage loan is not the same as a construction loan. When a custom home is built both a construction loan (interim loan) and a permanent loan will have to be taken out to finance your project. Your builder should be familiar with this process and be able to provide you with a viable option.

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