Types of Home Builders in West Texas

If you find yourself in search of a home builder in the Permian Basin; there are three types of Home Builders you would be considering. You would select either

1.) A custom home builder

2.) A semi-custom home builder

3.) A production builder.

A prospective buyer should thoroughly consider which type suits there needs and desires. Let me briefly explain examples of the differences in these categories.

A custom home builder allows you an unlimited amount of options. With these options the buyer is allowed to customize there home to their specific preference. The home buyer is allowed to paint the house any color they choose. They will also have dozens of tiles, carpets, granites, and cabinet options to choose from. You may think this is the case with all builders, but unfortunately it is not.

A semi-custom home builder has more limits over the options a home buyer may select from. The builder often gives a handful of paint options. This will also be the case for tile, granite, carpet, etc. Strangely, many semi-custom home builders charge a similar price per sq. ft. in comparison to a completely custom home builder. This should be something a customer should carefully consider prior to selecting a builder.

The third type of home builder would be a production builder. These builders build homes referred to many people as “cookie cutter” homes. Within one city block they may build the same floor plan dozens of times. Some people consider this similar to seeing the same mobile home several time within one mobile home park. In comparison, a custom home builder may have never built the same house twice.

Typically, a production builder is less expensive than a custom home builder. Much of the materials these builders use are pre-manufactured (not custom). These homes are assembled on site making them more affordable.

A final recommendation before selecting a home would be to consider the builder’s experience and reputation. It is critical to know if your potential builder has experience. It would be helpful if the builder has a model home you could walk through to have an idea of what should be expected for your home. You may ask builder what is included in builder’s base price and what would be considered an upgrade. Also keep in mind, testimonials and job references are always beneficial in selecting your ideal home builder.

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